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The STRUGGLE is over... OR IS IT?
Fifteen years later… Our freedom opens up a new set of dynamics
Hope for millions;
Disappointment for thousands.
Success, money, homes and cars;
Disillusionment and poverty
Schooling, private schools and higher education;
Low morale, low work ethic, lack of skills and motivation
Good opportunities, powerful positions and brilliant jobs
Corruption, abuse of power, crime, nepotism and greed
Freedom to walk the streets
Fear of one another, xenophobia, guns and intolerance

So what? Do we run away, get depressed or feed the negativity?
People may find life difficult and challenging. And it is!
People face political, economical and personal trials and tribulations
People find it difficult to cope
People are people are people – People can make a difference – People can choose
We (people) sit with FEAR, HURT and ANGER – we sometimes even hate. A small scratch on our surface, and someone explodes, or implodes…
How do we move forward? What do we offer ourselves, our families, our children, our community and our beloved countries?

LifeLine’s Voice is one of many voices today but sounds a very unique message
Individuals and communities need to take responsibility for the emotional wellbeing of every community. The Southern African Development Community can be an utopia – but only if communities get together through the effort of determined individuals and decide to engage courageously with the significant challenges in their own communities and to work relentlessly, staying engaged until a level of maturity and emotional wellbeing has been established and can be sustained.

Community living could replace discrimination, prejudice and poverty with tolerance, harmony and compassion.

LifeLine invites caring and courageous individuals to start a dialogue in every community.

Together, we can make a difference if we choose to engage. LifeLine offers the empowerment to ignite emotional wellbeing in communities – maybe your community. The choice is yours.
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